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Confronting the American Eugenics Movement

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Black Antifascism and the “Hands off Ethiopia” Movement


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Confronting the American Eugenics Movement

A Conversation with Julie Carr
Julie Carr discusses her new book Mud, Blood, and Ghosts: Populism, Eugenics, and Spiritualism in the American West. She describes what happens when familial and national mythologies are turned upside down. These reorientations can be difficult, says Carr, but when we are able to accept the complexities of our histories, as individuals and as a nation, including the fascistic tendencies that run through these histories, we can find a greater commitment to resisting such tendencies whenever they arise.

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The April Institute is a nonprofit organization for interdisciplinary research and public education about fascism and antifascism in the United States. We celebrate the history of creative and courageous efforts to counter fascist threats in the United States and to build more resilient, safe, and democratic communities. Our exhibitions, teaching resources, publications, and public memorialization projects are opportunities to learn from this history and enhance our ability to identify and confront fascist threats in our own time.

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